Tuesday, 10 June 2008

New project

Since embarking on the Moleskine Exchange, I have thoroughly enjoyed the blogs of my fellow moly exchange group. So much so that I have decided to try using pastels, because I've noticed that the others use them.

I have gained much useful information from both Brian's and Casey's blogs (Thank-you guys!), so check them out if you are interested in pastels.

I got two sets of soft pastels the other day and an Ingres sketch book, I chose pre-selected sets as I didn't really know what tints to get. You will notice from the photos that I got a landscape set and a portrait set. So I dug out some photographs I took in Donegal last summer and I plan to use them as a starting point for some small pastel paintings, just to get me started!

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Gesa said...

hihi... pastels are always a good plan, and, yes, casey and brian are good sources of inspiration. i have been using the ingres pad as my standard pad for some time, it's only recently that i more frequently decided to use colorfix board - after sussing out which background tints work for me.