Friday, 8 August 2008

Donegal awaits

I will be away from my blog from tomorrow. I'm off to Donegal and I promise that I won't do anything sensible while I'm away.


Gesa said...

Hi there,
I hope you've been having a great time off? I wondered if I could ask you for something, Lorraine: I'd love to have one of your pencil holders for my usual larger Moley and wanted to offer you one of my smaller paintings on Etsy in exchange, let me know what you think?
All the best,

Lor Lor said...

Gesa, I'd be delighted to make you a pencil holder.
I usually use a large Moley sketchbook and make a pencil holder for it. In fact, I could make you a few, because if you're anything like me you probably have a few sketchbooks on the go at any one time.
Also I would love to have one of your paintings.

Gesa said...

Huhuh... that's great... :) Many thanks! Do you want to have a look if there's any on Etsy you fancy? I've got others too, but that would have to wait til I'm back home. I really don't need more than two, Lorraine, just decided against many sketchbooks at once, so one is in case I lose one :)
Thank you!

Lindsay said...

Have a great vacation!

Gesa said...

Hi Lorraine,
I'd been thinking about you and wondered how you were? All the best,

Anonymous said...

Hope you have a nice time. I really like your coastal pastels - must be a beautiful area!