Saturday, 28 June 2008

Moleskine Exchange update

Well, now I can show the drawing I did in Brian's moley.

With my recent pastel paintings of Donegal, I thought that I should share my favourite part of the world with my fellow moley exchangers.

I was wary of using pastels in the moley as the pages don't have a lot of "tooth" although Brian's pastels were lovely and he managed with the lack of tooth. I thought that I would use my watercolour pencils, which work well on the moley pages. I was pleased that I got quite a watercolour effect, by using a damp brush over areas of my drawing.

Now I'm excitedly waiting for Lindsay's moley to drop through my letterbox.


Yellow said...

Lor Lor, you're on the far side of the exchange to me so it seemed like ages until we'd be working on each other's books. But I have David's Dance book now from Vivien, so your Close book will be with me before the end of the summer. Funny how fast time flies.

Anita Davies said...

This is beautiful, lucky Brian!