Saturday, 14 June 2008

More fun!

These soft pastels are rather addictive.

I love the fact that you can keep "the big picture"(no pun intended) in view and not fiddle and footer about with details. I can't wait to get back to Donegal after working on these scenes. Not long now, I'm due to head up there in about seven weeks.


Casey Klahn said...

Consider me a fan of these pastel beach scenes, Lorraine.

Lor Lor said...

Thank you Casey.
If you ever get the chance to visit Ireland you must go to Donegal it's an artists heaven.
I'm loving these pastels, and am so glad we met blogwise if you know what I mean.

Brian McGurgan said...

These are very, very nice Lorraine. I almost made it to Donegal once but parked myself in the Aran Islands for a few days instead. Most of my relations are from Limerick and I hope to get back to visit someday soon. I loved the islands - Connemara, too!

Lor Lor said...

I just thought that with a name like McGurgan, you had irish roots.
For living on such a small island, the irish sure get around.
Glad you liked my Donegal strands.

Gesa said...

Lorraine: how do you make those waves break so fantastically??? these are fabulous!

Lisalou said...

Ohhh your soft pastels are exactly that--so SOFT! Just beautiful and so ethereal!