Monday, 16 June 2008

Same subject, slightly different media

I love pencils (actually I'm a bit of a tart when it comes to pencils) and a few years ago I bought some Derwent Drawing pencils.

I thought they were lovely, soft creamy leads, easy to sharpen and a range of soft subtle colours. However, I didn't use them much, so I've tried them on Ingres paper using my Donegal photos for inspiration.

I have to say, after using soft pastels, these pencils are a bit of a disappointment, I'm afraid the colours just don't cut it with me . I can't even use pastels on top of them, they leave a waxy film on the paper.

That'll teach me to not be so promiscious in my pencil purchasing.

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Yellow said...

Hey, you're developing a real style there, Lor Lor. I'm blow away by the cross hatched sky (pardon the pun). Your sense of composition is spot on with these & the ones in the previous two posts.